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Blanket Wash&Repair Price List

Updated 3/20/2021

Coolers and Quarter Sheets                        $15

Sheets                                                              $15

Blankets, Any Weight                                    $18

Blanket w/Attached Hood                            $22

Hoods/Neck Covers                                      $5

Waterproofing (Nikwax)                              Included

Repairs                                                           Ask for Quote

***Extra Charges for excessive dirt or hair.

                               REFER A FRIEND! 

Are you an existing customer? Give your friends a $5 bill credit

when you refer them to our business, and get a $5 bill credit as

a thank you from us!



There is NO LIMIT to the amount of bill credit you can receive!



WATERPROOFING DISCLAIMER Blankets are made waterproof by the coating on the fibers of the fabric. Dirt can get in between those fibers and interfere with that barrier, so sometimes a good wash is all it takes to restore waterproofing. When the coating on the fibers begins to deteriorate, no waterproofing spray or treatment is going to permanently repair it. For this reason, I do not recommend trusting waterproofing products on blankets that will see a lot of use. That being said, for back-up blankets, or blankets that only come out on the coldest of days, a waterproofing product can save you the expense of a new blanket. I use Nikwax Rug Proof, the highest quality and most trusted waterproofing product that is designed specifically for horse blankets.

We wash year-round, so don't be afraid to send us blankets in the middle of winter!

Extra straps, snaps, and clips are always kept in stock, year-round!

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