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Tips for Preparing Your Blankets

•Don’t be afraid to pre-rinse dirty blankets! Hang them over a gate or fence, and hose the mud off with cold water. Let it dry completely before bagging it up.


•On an index card, write your: name, phone number, and drop-off location address. Please also note which services you would like (waterproofing, return in zipper bags, etc.) or don’t want (i.e. don’t replace the missing leg straps). Put this index card inside a plastic sandwich bag and place it in the bag with your blankets.


•Empty feed sacks work great for holding dirty blankets!




Exchange your old blankets for bill credit!

Have old blankets that you don’t use, or are torn beyond repair? Don’t throw them out - turn them in for bill credit! We salvage straps, hardware, and fabric. Get a $5-$20 credit per blanket to apply to your total bill

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