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The strongest, safest, and highest quality on the market.

Stall Fronts & Dividers

You may be able to find cheaper, but you aren't going to find safer. Even the best horses can be unpredictable sometimes, so cutting corners by using thinner and weaker materials to save money could really end up costing you in the long run. Competitors use square bars that flex easily, or thin-walled pipe that rusts through quickly. We are using 14-gauge 1-inch round tubing, the same tubing used for industrial applications, as well as 1/8" thick steel for all channel, flat, and box tubing used. Even with this added durability, we are still able to offer competitive pricing on all stall fronts.


Our business is located in the center of one of the largest steel-producing regions in the United States, so we are committed to using only metal that has been made in the USA. Other companies are sourcing cheaper, inferior metal from overseas to try to win your business with a cheap product, but they can never beat our quality.

All stall fronts and dividers are custom-made to your dimensions. Contact us for pricing.
Arched Stall Front.jpg
European Stall Front.jpg
European Stall Fronts
More photos coming soon!
Plain Stall Front.jpg
Standard Stall Fronts
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Arched Stall Front.jpg
Custom Stall Fronts
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Stall doors, partitions, and other add-ons

Made with the same top-quality materials as our stall fronts, these items are designed to be added to new stall fronts, or to be used in your existing horse stalls.

Fancy Divider.jpg
Stall Partitions
More photos coming soon!
Stall Doors.jpg
Stall Door with cutout.jpg

Full metal stall doors can be made to fit your existing stalls. They are an excellent choice to promote increased air flow through your horse's stall.

Stall Doors
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