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New for Winter 2021/2022!

Loaner Blankets

Did your horse destroy his only heavyweight turnout right before the temperature was supposed to hit single digits? No need to bandage it with duct tape and baling twine just to survive - contact us for a loaner blanket to use while we repair yours!

All loaner blankets will be cleaned and disinfected prior to pick-up. A flat rate of $10 will be charged per loaner blanket regardless of the amount of time it is in use. You will not be charged for the wash of the loaner blanket upon return, you will however be responsible for any damages you or your horse may cause.

Please note the limited availability of loaner blankets, Although I am trying to stock all sizes and weights, I cannot guarantee I will have the exact blanket you need available.

We wash every blanket that comes in for repairs. Our sewing machines are sensitive to dirt and dust so blankets MUST be clean before repairs are attempted. Please keep this in mind when sending in a mid-winter blanket repair.





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